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Chad leader Deby, key Western ally, killed in battle

"Chad leader Deby, key Western ally, killed in battle"

France has a few thousand troops in the area fighting Islamic militants. Chad was part of the French empire, and France is doing its moral duty. If they didn't, America would have to. The area is largely desert, with Lake Chad shriveling in size since the time of last glaciation thousands of years ago. It's a large area with few people, easy for armies to sweep through.

Chad's leader was a military strongman. While he fostered a democracy, he had the standard set of strongman faults. But he wasn't a coward. He died on the front lines fighting an invading army.

The Spartans were some of the fiercest fighters of the ancient world. When a Spartan mother sent her son off to war, she told him to come back with (carrying) his shield, or (his dead body) on his shield. Deby came back on his shield.

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