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3 Interconnected Russia Belarus Stories

1) "Alexei Navalny: Russian doctors agree to let Putin critic go to Germany"

Navalny, Putin's #1 political opponent, is still in a coma. Poisoning is the fate of many of Putin's opponents. Previously prevented from being transferred to a hospital in Germany, now Russia will let him travel on Saturday. Maybe the traces of the poison won't be as conspicuous by then.

2) "Report: Belarus Flies in Russian Crews to Take Over State Media"

Belarus TV news people walked out over fake elections. Russian news people were flown in to take their places. CNN, this is your golden opportunity! Belarus needs fake news too. Let's see if Russia flies in new military commanders. Hopefully the Voice of America will fill the gap for real news.

3) "Belarus protests: Tikhanovskaya vows to stand till the end"

While her supporters get rounded up in Belarus, Tikhanovskaya, widely viewed as the real winner in the Belarus elections, vows to keep the protests and strikes continuing.

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