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Bad Law

"Rep. Byron Donalds: Dems' For the People Act is really just for Democrats – here's why"

The Democrats steal part of a Republican's speech, and call it their own. "For the people" is part of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Forget that Lincoln freed the slaves (but he wasn't woke enough when he did this, so his statues must be removed), and the Democrats ran their party to perpetuate slavery and sponsor the KKK.

Still, the Democrats love titles for legislation to sound as if they're morally good. Well, this legislation is a pile of poo. The Pile of Poo Act.

Trump lost the election by a thousand cuts, some bigger than others. But his contesting any small group of cuts wasn't going to win him the election. This is what the Supreme Court decision against him was all about. He could refute the results of the election, but this wasn't going to reverse the end result on a timely basis.

The procedures for most state elections, such as for President, are typically parts of state constitutions. A governor or election administrator can't just invent new rules for the election, covid or not. Changes must have the blessings of elected state officials, if not even requiring state constitutional amendments. Dozens of Democratic governors and election officials ignored this, using executive authority that they did not possess, to run elections using new procedures. And they picked the procedures such that they could send through a pile of Democratic votes, many of them fraudulently obtained. The procedures themselves were fraudulent. But each of the states certified the election results as being good. This is like a flash mob descending upon a store to shoplift it, pretending afterwards that nothing happened.

Rep. Daniels points out that the individual states have most of the power of regulating elections, and that this is solidly written into the US Constitution. The proposed law attempts to override this, so that Congress can override the election procedures of the states. While the law has zero chance of passing the scrutiny of the Supreme Court, maybe the Democrats can stuff the ballot boxes of the 2022 election before the law gets struck down.

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