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Belarus Releases Protesters

"‘We don’t need war’: Belarus releases detainees in bid to quell protests"

Most protests fizzle out. Belarus has had the same ruler since around when it split from the old Soviet Union decades ago. Putin's dreams of re-creating the old Russian Empire virtually require Belarus to be a partner. So Russia has supported Belarus sufficiently enough to help keep the current ruler in power. Belarus has just had elections, and virtually no one views them as being even remotely fair, as usual. Belarus is a democracy in theory only. Most view the ruler as a dictator. Belarus has usually seen protests over elections. The most recent, days ago, came to within an inch of deposing the dictator. The government realized this, and decided to release the protestors from jail. Within perhaps a week they would have released themselves, but this happened just early enough to spare Lukashenko from being deposed.

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