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"Biden Says Putin A "Killer", "Doesn't Have A Soul" After US Intel Assesses 'Interference'"

Russia has Putin, and the Americans have the Deep State. The only real difference is that Putin does what he does for his country, while the Deep State does it all for themselves.

It would be nice to see a list created by the American intelligence community of all of the nations perceived to have tried to influence the American 2020 elections. Rank them by how much interference they are perceived to have caused. I wonder how high up in the list Russia would be. Would they be as high up as even Meghan and Harry? (And they're not even a country.)

And make a similar list, using the same standards, of all of the nations whose elections America interfered with in 2020, ranked by degree of interference. And how would Russia compare between the two lists?

Time to put reality back into international relations.

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