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Byron York's Daily Memo: An outrage from the FBI

"Byron York's Daily Memo: An outrage from the FBI"

Remember when Rep. Steve Scalise got shot in 2017, along with a bunch of other Republicans? By sheer chance, a doctor was there to keep him alive. The FBI's final analysis was that the shooter wanted to commit suicide by getting shot by cops. But there weren't any identifiable cops there, the shooter was carrying a list of top Republicans, and the shooter asked beforehand whether the group of lawmakers were Republicans, or Democrats. This was like the FBI saying "It wasn't us, this time".

There is one very big failure of the Trump administration: He didn't purge the FBI, and other Deep State organizations, of those who don't have the slightest desire of impartially enforcing the laws of the US. We're lucky that the FBI didn't erect a shrine to the shooter, at taxpayer expense. Is Biden going to get rid of these Deep State scum? Fat chance!

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