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Canada's Oil

On his first day of office, Biden halted the Keystone Pipeline. The pipeline was to send Canadian oil to the US for refining. Thousands of US jobs. It was also going to cost US jobs, with many railroad workers being rendered unnecessary, as the pipeline pulls the oil from Montana and North Dakota off of the railway system and instead transports it through pipes laid underground.  Transporting oil via the pipeline would be cheaper, less accident prone, and more environmentally friendly than sending it over the railroads.

The American oil still gets processed, but it's more labor intensive and expensive. The Canadian oil gets sent westward to the Pacific Ocean, to be refined in China. Not just theory, it's being acted upon.

This is where America takes it in the rear from selecting a crook like Biden to be President. Biden being environmentally friendly on hydrocarbons? For years the Biden family has been capitalizing off of Joe Biden's potential usefulness, particularly through the Biden family international oil and gas business. You didn't think the Bidens knew anything about oil and gas? They don't. But Joe Biden has already earned his keep, chasing away investigation of corrupt Ukrainians by threatening to withhold $1 billion of US funds from Ukraine. Hunter Biden just happened to be an extremely highly paid board member of a corrupt company in the cross hairs of the investigator.

And a Chinese oil and gas company "invested" $1.5 billion in an oil and gas company run by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son. Hunter is currently being investigated for money laundering and forgetting to include some very big numbers on his income tax returns. One of Hunter's business partners is in jail. Another is on his way there. Can Hunter Biden stay out of jail? His odds got a whole lot better with his dad being elected.

And that $1.5 billion invested by China? With the Keystone Pipeline gone, Canada's oil goes to China. Consider this as a dividend from China's investment.


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