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China blocks covid investigation

"WHO’s Tedros “very disappointed” China has not authorised entry of coronavirus experts"

The World Health Organization (WHO) provided major cover for China, peddling China's lies about the origin of the Wuhan virus. MSM went along with this. Social media blocks people from calling the virus either Wuhan or Chinese, despite that being universally thought as its origin. China has been trying desperately to blame others for it. Since the WHO has been little more than a mouthpiece for China, trying to dodge the blame (There is a pile of poo on your carpet. You have one dog and no cats. Who did this?), Trump pulled out of the WHO. Showing their rabid hatred of Trump, stoked up by MSM, musicians ran a virtual Woodstock festival to fund WHO. Now WHO, trying to show they aren't just puppets of China, say they are going to investigate the origins of the virus.

WHO scientists are supposed to do research in China. China won't let them in.

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