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Cicilline uses fake news story as evidence in Trump's impeachment trial

"Chaos in the Senate: Democrat Impeachment Managers Withdraw Statements Falsely Attributed to Sen. Mike Lee After Schumer Intervention"

The Democrat impeachment managers were assigned small pieces of the trial that they were responsible for developing. As part of his presentation, RI Rep. David Cicilline chose, as evidence, a fake news story that was echoing in the main stream media. As they typically do, the MSM invented a story to make Trump look bad. By ceaselessly repeating such stories, the Democrats get brainwashed into thinking that they are true.

Cicilline presented one such story at Trump's impeachment trial. This was challenged as being a false story. Sen. Pat Leahy, who was in charge of leading the Senate for the impeachment trial, because Supreme Court Justice John Roberts refused to preside over the sham, made an ambiguous statement about Cicilline's "evidence". Sen. Mike Lee said that he had been personally lied about in the cited MSM news story, which had been cited as evidence, and Lee forced a vote in the Senate to override Leahy's ruling.

The Senate started taking a vote on this. Sen. Chuck Schumer didn't want to see Trump's impeachment trial turn into a trial about the lies of MSM, so he declared that there were not enough Senators present, to conduct a vote. This was an attempt to get CSPAN to turn their cameras off. Then Democrat Rep Jamie Raskin, in charge of presenting the House's case for impeachment, agreed to strike Cicilline's "evidence" from the Congressional Record.

For a future impeachment trial: Look, Cicilline is making a phone call. Who could he be calling? Must be his bookie. And Schumer is picking up his phone at the same time. Schumer must be his bookie! Boy! (Oops, this is a socially unacceptable term to Mrs. Pelosi.) There will be a big news story out of this!







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