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Cicilline wants to help steal the election for Joe, Mister 10%, Biden

"Democrat Lawmaker Calls for Twitter to Suspend Donald Trump’s Account ‘Until All Votes Are Counted’"

As he was starting to consolidate power in Nazi Germany, Hitler needed to win a crucial vote of the  legislature. As the voting was taking place, Hitler had his thugs there in force. Those opposing politicians that they couldn't scare away, they just beat up.

Newly re-elected "Growing up Gotti" David Cicilline, who goes giddy at promoting the foulest of lies against Trump, wants his Twitter friends to further suppress Trump's voice until Biden has safely obtained the presidency.

PS: Be sure to thank your friends at Twitter for removing my account with them, for the sole reason that they wanted to.

Maybe Hunter Biden will give you 10% of something?

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