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America gets to experience the level of economic vitality that Governor Gina Raimondo has provided for Rhode Island. At least Hunter Biden wasn't offered the position of Commerce Secretary. Raimondo faced term limits, and Biden accommodated.

For the record, I had two real time vehicular interferences in going to the nearby voting place today. (Raimondo couldn't figure out how to put bond funding questions onto the November ballot.) One of these was an attempt to cause an accident. I'm sure this was not associated with the theft of my HIPAA records at my recent hospital visit. (The Deep State has no interest in acquiring this information.) I'm sure the local Democrats are not mad at my reporting this theft to people who are likely to take appropriate actions.

As per Raimondo, her business skills are at the management level, dealing with numbers and upper level management. This is different from Trump, whose skills are basically dealing with the vitality of businesses. Trump was successful. Let's see what Raimondo can do.

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