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Crown Precision Carbon Fiber CP-15: Not Your Grandpa’s AR

"Crown Precision Carbon Fiber CP-15: Not Your Grandpa’s AR"

Breitbart likes to go to the extreme in showing its support of the 2nd amendment. But this is an excellent weapon to highlight, with a different story wrapped around it. So here goes:

This is the ultimate of assault rifles. If a soldier has to carry around a rifle all day long, he wants the lightest one possible, and this is it. Light weight carbon fiber replaces heavy metal. Excess parts have been removed.

A predominant feature of assault rifles is their short barrels. The longer the barrel, the straighter the bullet travels. It is almost funny that they put a scope on this rifle. A standard cheap rifle is much more accurate. The author brags at repeatedly hitting a target, without serious aiming, at 50 yards. This is the skill of the author. An average person off of the street wouldn't hit that target even once.

The only thing that makes this rifle more dangerous than others in an urban environment is its high capacity magazine. Otherwise, it's a rotten choice of weapons for the would be mass murderer, as are all assault rifles.

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