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dark money

Sheldon Whitehouse has stopped lecturing the Senate on Climate Change. He can't argue the issue with anyone who has a broad view of the topic. Science isn't on his side.

Now he wants to take up the issue of dark money in politics. Rather than staring at his campaign donation data, there's a broader issue here. Last year Jeff Bezos, Amazon head, earmarked ten billion dollars to push climate fraud. He's buying up newspapers. One of the local conservative newspapers started spewing hatred of Trump. CNN is littered with Deep State retirees that George Washington would have shot for treason. Dark money? This is like looking into organized crime, when the Mafia rules the streets. Jeff Bezos is currently buying MGM for eight billion dollars.

Can you spot the influence of dark money in these pictures? (Pictures borrowed from Zero Hedge. They specialize in the news that the Democrats try to ignore.)

What dark money is chasing customers away from this Jewish store?


What dark money is being used to take over our entertainment industry?


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