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F The People Act

Cicilline's "F The People Act" has reached a dead end. One Democratic Senator will vote against the Senate version of the bill. Good enough to prevent it from passing:

The Constitution clearly puts the power to regulate elections in the hands of the states. Coping with`Covid gave politicians a multitude of opportunities to manipulate the voting data. Trump lost the 2020 election via "death by 1,000 cuts". The US Supreme Court acknowledged this. While there were lawsuits against election counts, the Supreme Court didn't deny the validity of them. They said that if Trump won all of the lawsuits, that he still wasn't going to net enough extra votes to overturn the election. There was so much voter fraud in the 2020 election that it would take forever to bring it all to court. And America needed a President, almost immediately. So Biden was awarded the victory.

Much of this fraud was from state election officials asserting and using powers which they did not legally have. Covid crisis or not, election laws are in the hands of the state legislatures and/or constitutions. A state official cannot just say that "now we'll do it this way". And these powers lay almost exclusively at the state level.

Cicilline's "F The People Act" grabs most of these emergency powers, makes them permanent, and asserts that these are to be considered federal powers now. Isn't the Supreme Court busy enough?

The Republicans, and probably average Americans as well, want two basic things in election laws. We want people to be who they say they are, and we want them to have the proper authority to cast their one and only vote. There are associated issues, such as safeguarding ballots and the accurate counting of votes, but these two issues are the ones that the Democrats are aggressively attacking.

Can you register to vote the same day that you vote? There isn't enough time to verify that you're entitled to vote. How about mail in ballots? Extremely open to fraud. Mail in ballots are designed to cope with emergencies. Do you always use the jaws of life to exit your car?

Cicilline's "F The People Act" is a long list of ways to enable professional politicians to defraud the people, and I am happy to see that it will not be enacted into law.


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