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FBI Collusion with RNC and DNC Pipe Bombers

"FBI releases new information on pipe bombs at RNC, DNC"

This is a good example of what snakes the Deep Staters are. Helping the American people? Right!

On January 6th, the date that Trump was supposedly inciting an insurrection, pipe bombs were found at both Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters buildings in Washington DC. The FBI offered a $50,000 reward for information, saying the bombs were planted the morning of January 6th. The FBI just doubled the reward. And, guess what, the FBI lied about when the bombs were planted. Date stamped surveillance video clearly shows the suspect the night before, on January 5th. The Deep State FBI is clearly trying to link the bombs to Trump inciting an insurrection.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the FBI planted the bombs themselves. I was local during the Boston Marathon bombing. On that occasion the FBI pushed through their bullshit narrative of what happened. No, I wasn't privy to special information. I just dug up newspaper info before the FBI could sweep it under the rug. The FBI has zero interest in being truthful with the public. As with the DC pipe bombs.

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