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Night of the Long Knives

"Twitter Purge: Conservative Social Media Personalities Report Losing Thousands of Followers"

I witnessed this myself last night. My Twitter account, frozen for 5 months by what Twitter acknowledges as their own "mistake" (Right!), popped back to life at the end of December. It was heavily damaged, with many of my criticisms of Joe Biden and the Deep State deleted or rendered invisible. Most of my best stuff disappeared.

When my account re-emerged in late December, I noticed that I had lost a quarter of the number of people who were following me, and whom I was following, numbering many thousands. Last night I tried to clean up the account, before people think I'm a Democrat. Twitter wouldn't allow me to delete or access hundreds of tweets that I wanted to delete. As I was cleaning up, I noticed that my number of followers, and those I was following, kept getting smaller. Within minutes I had lost another 25% of these, numbering again in the thousands.

Other conservatives are also noting similar dramatic losses. You could think that this is from people cancelling their Twitter accounts in protest to Twitter formally blacklisting Trump's Twitter account. But this is reminiscent of the Presidential elections, when counting votes was supposedly suspended in the middle of the night, then suddenly Biden received an impossibly large percentage of votes in the swing states. No, Twitter figuratively flipped the switch, and a multitude of conservatives got more or less simultaneously suspended by Twitter.

This reminds me of the earlier years of Nazi Germany. Hitler came to power because a lot of people let him. They thought they could control him, and Hitler would be their puppet. But Hitler was better at the game than they were.

Germany, as a nation, was formed in the mid 19th century around the large German state of Prussia. Other German states joined. Rather than "a country with an army", a famous quip of the era referred to Prussia as "an army with a country". The Prussian army strived to be the best army of the era.

The Prussian military was still very dominant in Germany in Hitler's early years. They could have kicked Hitler out of power any day of the week. But Hitler was very militaristic, and the old Prussian military liked this. But Hitler had come to power on the back of non-army militias that Hither had created. Some, and particularly one, of these militias were similar in numbers (though not in fighting ability) to the German Army, and even could have kicked Hitler out of power. The military structure of Germany at the time was similar to that of modern day Iran.

The formal German (f/k/a Prussian) army wanted it to be perfectly clear that it was the one and only real military force in Germany, and told Hitler this. Hitler obliged. Ernest Rohm, the head of the SA, was a personal friend of Hitler, but Rohm was power hungry. Hitler had him killed, along with a multitude of similar people, under the excuse that they were supposedly going to pull a coup. (Sound like today's Democrats?) This became known as "The Night of the Long Knives", though it actually happened over several days. The German Army was happy.

Over the next few years, Hitler made several military gambles. If Hitler had failed on any one of these, the German Army would have deposed him. But Hitler always won the gambles. By the beginning of World War II, it had become increasingly difficult for the German Army to depose him. While there were subsequently several dozen assassination attempts made on Hitler, Hitler was sufficiently cautious, or lucky, to survive them all.

Watching my Twitter numbers change before my eyes reminded me of The Night of the Long Knives. Twitter was in the process of purging a multitude of conservative Twitter accounts.

I am very interested in what Trump picks as his alternative to Twitter. I will likely follow him.

I forgot to mention: Hitler came to power because he bribed the son of senile German President Paul von Hindenburg. Hindenburg never liked Hitler, but Hindenburg's son, newly wealthy, convinced his dad to allow Hitler to form a government.

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