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James Woods sold off most of his stocks, so you know it isn't looking good for Trump. Joe Biden didn't get properly vetted, with the MSM hiding his every flaw, and there are many of them. He's got the Deep State on his side and he would be President, so he's unlikely to go to jail for the corruption associated with his family becoming millionaires off of his political influence. Joe has lied heavily about this, but probably never under oath. Hunter Biden has to figure out how to monetize the Biden presidency before Kamala Harris takes over.

Biden's chances of lasting 4 years are very small. He could be impeached for his involvement in family corruption. He's already going senile. This will become increasingly apparent, as he won't be able to hide in the basement anymore. And his old age. Too many miles on the car.

He already wants to escalate the US military presence in Syria. What is he thinking? Turkey and Russia have been balancing military forces against each other for hundreds of years, as they are now in Syria. Trump has almost pulled America out of Obama's war in Syria. And Biden wants to rush back in. Under Biden's leadership, the world is going to roll America like a drunk in a casino. And Kamala next? Can't wait.

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