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Putin the Poisoner

"Alexei Navalny: Plane to bring 'poisoned' Russian critic to Germany"

I'm trying to run a political campaign, but I can't ignore what's going on internationally.

In the Middle Ages, there was a European king called Vlad the Impaler. He killed his victims by throwing them on stakes sticking out of the ground. The modern tale of Dracula was based upon him.

Vladimir Putin likes killing people by poisoning them. Alexei Navalny, a critic of Putin, was just poisoned. This may be easily interpreted as a measure to help prop up Putin's dictator ally in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Putin has threatened to send Russian troops to Belarus to fight off an imaginary invasion.

Lukashenko's election was so phony that, in ordinary times, he would be ousted within days. Putin is trying to keep him in power, to eventually annex Belarus as part of Russia. So Putin poisons one more. Putin the Poisoner.

There is a history of this in Russia. 100+ years ago, a mystic monk named Rasputin had heavy influence on the royal family. No surprise that people tried to assassinate him. In his last episode on earth, Rasputin was poisoned, they tried to drown him, then they shot him a few times. Still. Rasputin almost got away, but didn't make it. Let's hope that Navalny is strong enough to survive. He's currently in a coma. I never cared much for Navalny before, but I'm really starting to like the man.

Putin the Poisoner pissed away his easy chance of wooing Belarus. Now he's staring at a new Afghanistan with Belarus.

Whacking his political opponents in Moscow? Many others will rise up, too many to kill. To quote the movie "Casablanca", "Not even Nazis can kill that fast."

Russia in the G8 again? A cold day in hell.

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