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RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has stopped preaching "climate change" to the Senate

"Senate Climate Hawk Ends 9-Year Run Of Speeches, Citing Hopes Under Biden"

Since 2012, RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has been delivering "climate change" speeches to the Senate. He has tried to do this weekly, where practical. He just gave his 279th and final speech on the topic. He thinks it is no longer necessary, now that Joe Biden is there to piss away trillions of American dollars on climate fraud.

2012? That Obama fellow didn't listen to Sheldon Whitehouse. In 2019 Obama bought a seaside mansion on Martha's Vineyard. Poor fellow. The ocean will swallow it up by the end of the year.

There are some people who always get things wrong. If they sell all of their stocks, you're pretty sure that the market is bottoming out. John Kerry is one of these people. Playing baseball, on first base, he'll yell out to his coach "I want to steal second base on this next pitch. Is this OK with you?" Now we have Klimate Klown Kerry globe trotting in his private jet to get us back into the climate agreement.

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