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Russia threatens Kyrgyzstan

"Russia says Kyrgyzstan is in chaos and needs stabilising"

Russia snatched the Crimea from Ukraine, and sent in its troops to fight a war in eastern Ukraine that is still going on. It is actively fighting in Syria. It subcontracts its fighting in Libya. It threatens neighboring Belarus over a phony election that Russia supports. It hasn't decided to take action yet in the Armenia/Azerbaijan war. (Did I miss anyone?) Now it threatens Kyrgyzstan. When all is said and done, Russia will have few friends other than China, and they fought a border war 60 years ago.

Kyrgyzstan is reported to be in a power vacuum right now. The truth is exactly the opposite. A power vacuum is when nobody wants power. Right now, everybody wants power. They will figure it out on their own. If Russia sends in troops, this will unite them. They will all be fighting Russian soldiers as an invading army.

How many wars can Russia fight at one time? One too many, and the havoc shifts to Moscow.

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