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The debate

While Chris Wallace tried to control his obvious favoritism for Joe "Shut up man" Biden, he did do Joe one very big favor. While it is true that any ball player can hit a home run or into a double play, expectations are different. Chris Wallace asked a two part question. The second part was asking the candidates to comment on "Black Lives Matter". Wallace withdrew the question before anyone commented on it. Neither Biden nor Trump would likely win much support from a normal "good" response. Trump probably wouldn't lose much support from a normal "bad" response. But a normal "bad" response from Biden could have cost him millions of votes. Biden's campaign people have donated piles of money to bail recent rioters and arsonists out of jail, which Trump likely would have highlighted. And then Joe Biden could have accidentally sounded like Joe Biden.

My own opinion is that Black Lives Matter is good in theory, but terrible in reality. Riots, looting, and arson are not going to gain new supporters. This alone may be sufficient to cost Biden the election. I think it unfortunate that the black community has been represented by such terrible leaders as these. Too many rabble rousers, and not enough people like Candace Owens.

In contrast, Wallace tried his darndest to try to get Trump to say he didn't believe in climate change. This is like trying to get daddy to tell his children he didn't believe in Santa Claus. Trump said that humans are one of several factors affecting climate. Obviously, humans are too predominant a species on our planet not to affect nature. While Wallace hammered away at Trump, he couldn't extract a solid Santa Claus answer. Meanwhile, Joe Biden denied that the ultra expensive Green New Deal was his plan. But it was co-sponsored in Congress by his VP running mate, who would have a serious chance of assuming the presidency if Biden were elected. If Trump hammered away at this, he likely would have received heavy push back from highlighting Biden's advancing senility.

With the help of Chris Wallace and perhaps a bunch of NoDoz tablets for Joe Biden, I view the debate as having been a tie between Trump and Biden/Wallace.

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