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Voter fraud

You'd have to spend a day digging into this to assess the merits of the story. I'm not the right guy for this. But here it is:

"Data deep dive on Dominion Voting Systems offers incontrovertible proof of election hack"

The story is that the CIA developed programs that were acquired by Obama era Democrat ex-Deep Staters. "Hammer" lets people spy on voting machines undetected. "Scorecard" allows votes to be switched while being transmitted off of voting machines, undetected unless someone is specifically looking for this. The story says that a multitude of votes were switched or lost. Wisconsin has formally noted that 6,000 votes for Trump were "accidentally" counted as being for Biden. This story claims this is just a tiny part of the problem. True or not, I do not know. I put the story out there so that it can see the light of day.

Addendum. An email I received:

"Fred, I went to your website and used the hyperlink to see if it went through OK.  It did, but the article has been altered since I read it.

The article has been substantially truncated.  The article I wanted you to see had hyperlinks to the precinct-level datasets, so the reader could recompute the totals himself and compare them to the official statistics on the state web sites.

The fraud methodology is simple.  Fraud occurs during a data update from the precincts to the state's master tabulation server.  The software intercepts the data transactions changes the summary statistics, leaving the individual voting records alone.  Whomever did the original analysis was able to compute state-by-state subtotals of votes that had been switched to Biden from Trump, along with a tally of "lost" votes.  Lost votes are ones for whichever candidate that simply aren't counted.  Most of the state election results had been tampered with, according to what was summarized.

This guy wanted the data sets to be copied quickly, as he suspected that they would be disappeared quickly.  It looks like that is happening.  I actually went to one of the hyperlinks and downloaded the data records.  Unfortunately I didn't save them.  The data I saw looked like precinct by precinct subtotal records.  Thousands and thousands of summary records; if I recall correctly they were Michigan data....

In any case, be aware that the article you referenced no longer looks much like anything that I read a few hours ago.  All of the meaty details have disappeared."

2nd Addendum. A new email I received:

Fred, this hyperlinked article is getting shorter by the minute.  Even more deletions were made while I was composing my last email to you.  The graphs have disappeared.

Somebody has made a very important discovery, and these alterations are evidence of a behind-the-scenes battle that's now going on right now in real time over the integrity of the voting results data sets.


I had a similar tug of war researching someone on Someone loaded up more than 300,000 photos onto the photo album of a relative of someone I was researching. A few days later there were zero photos. I later realized that the person had a double identity that was actively being covered up. A similar thing happened when I was fixing hacks to this website. Someone re-hacked them a few minutes later. They wanted to show me that they can re-hack the website faster than I could fix it. Fair elections? Right! With the article referenced above, you either have a serious hoax, or we have to re-count each and every vote.

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