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Water added

"Democrats Reject Coronavirus Bill Amendment to Divert Funds from Pelosi’s Subway to Children’s Mental Health"

How pure is your pork? I recently bought a ham that said "water added". It was wetter than clothes coming out of the washing machine. Another note on the packaging said that there was 23% "other ingredients". You don't want your ham to be as dry as a prune, but this is excessive.

There's around 350 million people in the US. That includes men, women and children, legal and illegal, citizen or not. What if we sent a stimulus check to everyone? With $1.9 trillion distributed, that more than $5,000 distributed to everyone. If you reduced the amounts for children and excluded aliens, that's perhaps $10,000 stimulus checks. And we're getting $1,400. That's 86% we don't receive. Water added!

A popular commentary is that only 9% of the $1.9 trillion pertains to corona virus. Looking at some of the other things funded, much of it seems fair. Several hundred billion dollars for state and local governments. Well, they're hurting from the virus too. Unemployment benefits also seem reasonable, as are many of these allocations. $140 million for a subway in Pelosi land? Oink oink! How much of this bill is pure pork?

The stimulus checks? 86% water added!

And that $15 minimum wage? Not now. Most definitely not now. I've read that 92% of New York City stores can't pay their rent. And now the Democrats want to raise the wages they have to pay? Stores are going bankrupt right and left. Does anyone expect more than half of the non-chain restaurants to survive the pandemic? I'll accept a higher minimum wage. But with a smaller number. And, most definitely, not now.

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