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Whitehouse: ‘Every Bill Has to Be a Climate Bill’

"Whitehouse: ‘Every Bill Has to Be a Climate Bill’"

RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is pushing his climate fraud. The sun really does go around the earth. How obvious can this be?

The facts:

Photosynthesis: Plants convert CO2 + the energy from sunlight into sugar + oxygen. In other words, CO2 causes the world to be green from plants, and produces the oxygen we breathe. In the early days of global warming, the selling point was that increasing CO2 would produce too much plant material, like in the age of the dinosaurs. These days, thwarting plant growth is called "being green".

The Ice Age: When was that? We are in the Ice Age! We have been for a few million years now. We are just in one of the geologically brief warm periods. A few thousand years from now, scientists will be hoping that fossil fuels will be able to help keep the world warm. Fat chance.



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