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World News

I started watching BBC News to keep an eye on crooked British politicians who were affecting US elections. Worse than what the Democrats hoped Trump/Russia to be, but not as bad as ObamaGate. This is all common knowledge, but no one seems interested. If I pushed the issue too hard, I'd become another notch in Hillary's belt. The BBC is as fake and left wing as CNN, but it covers Europe better than most, along with former members of the old European empires in Africa and Asia.

But if you want a balanced look at international news, without spending all day reading dozens of sources, I've found a particularly good source. Sign up for Lisa Daftari's "The Foreign Desk". She'll send an email a day, Monday to Friday, listing the 10+ most important international stories of the day, with functioning links to the articles. I read a lot of news, so I've already read most of the stories elsewhere. But she will have very important stories that are brand new to me, and different perspectives on other stories that I'm aware of. Some people consider emails like this to be junk mail, but I look forward to them. She is the best. Trump gets his daily intelligence briefing. I get my email.

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