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Sent to Twitter hell. A normal day without testing the limits. The next day I followed 2 people. I was immediately locked out for showing "suspicious activity". An email a few minutes later said I showed "signs of automation". I didn't think I could type that fast. The account was tagged for "suspicious activity". This was elevated to "Account suspended Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules"

Twitter won't let me back in. One request to them produced an automated response. Twitter replied to 2 more requests with "Hello, We noticed that you currently have an open report about this issue in progress. We need to complete your open case before you can submit a new one. If we are waiting for any outstanding information from you, please be sure to follow up with us in the open report as soon as possible. Please do not respond to this email as replies are not monitored. Thanks,Twitter"

Twitter has done similar things before. After Twitter removes all of my followers, I typically actually lose 1,000 of them before Twitter restores my account. Before this Twitticide, I had 20,000+ followers, was following 20,000+ people, and had 1200+ tweets, having started Twitter in 10/2018. This time, if I do get the account back, I'm just going to abandon it. It would be so wrecked as to require major effort to rebuild it again. It's tough enough running against the Democrats, without also having to run against Twitter.

The tweets? Largely pro Trump, anti David Cicilline, and taking on Sheldon Whitehouse's climate fraud.

Patricia Morgan was right. "You're not going to get elected from Twitter."


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